HTO-XALOC-R is a rotating head bridge saw that is a quick and precise machine which able to cut even the largest slabs in manual, semiautomatic, and automatic mode. In automatic mode, the machine can perform parallel cutting, cutting programmes for kitchen tops, fanshaped stairs, curvilinear cutting programs by disc. The machine is also capable of cutting sink holes, drilling faucet holes, and routering many different shapes by use of a second milling mandrel located on the side of the saw blade.

Fully Programmable saw capable of cutting using DXF files
Rotating Head saw minimizes shop space
Hydraulic Tilt table for easy loading and unloading
Touch Screen control panel for manual operation
Wireless Networking Capabilities for easy programming
Slab nesting capabilities
Able to cut large radius and round cuts
Internet technical support available
Router bit optional for sink holes and faucet holes
Camera Option available to take pictures of material

Cutting Length: 142.5 inches (with standard disc case)
Bridge Transversal Stroke: 138 inches
Disc Vertical Stroke: 16 inches
Disc Diameter: 14 inches-26 inches (up to 33 inches with supplementary disc case)
Bench Dimensions: 118x63 inches
Moving And Cutting Speeds Adjustable By Inverter
Water Consumption: 5 gallons/minute
(with 14 inch disc)
Approx. Machine Net Weight: 8800lbs
Disc Electro-spindle Power: 25hp
Total footprint of the Machine: 22 x 16 feet
Electrical Requirement: 230v/3phase 100 amps

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