The HTO GARBI is the most basic of the Marmo Meccanica Bridge Saws while still providing most of the more widely used features on standard sawing machines. This machine is capable of manual, semi-automatic, and automatic cutting for ease of multiple programs. It also provides covered, oil baths for the bridge rails to move back and forth on and protecting important gears. The machine is standard with a tilting, and rotatable table that is very easy to operate from the control panel. Water turn on and off are also operated from the control panel making it very easy for operators to be extremely productive with this saw.

Laser cutting guide for speed and accuracy.
Hydraulic tilt table for easy loading and unloading.
Cutting head tilts 0 to 45 degrees.
Heavy duty 12.5 HP direct drive cutting motor.
Cutting speed of 3 cm material 80 l/f per hour.
Machine capable of running in three modes. Manual, semi-automatic and automatic.
Helicoil gear drive which enables cuts to hold tolerance of .0001 of a inch.
Able to program up to 100 cuts at a time.
Control panel on swing arm contains ALL functions of bridge saw. Making this saw very user friendly.
Rails for bridge and cutting movement are oil lubricated and covered ensuring smooth movement and reduced wear.
Rotating table lockable in any position.
Large cutting capacity of 138 x 138.
Over 3500 saws in operation thru out the world.

Cutting Length: 138 inches
Bridge Transversal Stroke: 130 inches
Disc Vertical Stroke: 7 inches
Disc Diameter: 14-20 inches
Table Dimensions: 118 x 63 inches
Total footprint of the Machine: 16 x 14 feet
Water Consumption: 5 gallons per minute
Electrical Requirement: 230v/3phase 60amps
Protected Oil Baths for Bridge Movement
Adjustable cutting and movement speeds by means of Inverter

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