LCV 711M

The LCV 711 machine is the standard for the flat polishing machines in the industry. This machine is capable of polishing straight flat-squared 1 to 6 cm thick marble, granite, or engineered stone edges at over 120 lineal feet per hour. The working mode is on a continuous process basis; this means that all the pieces are loaded one after the other on the machine and move past a series of polishing motors so that they come out completely finished including a micro-bevel on the top and bottom of the material. The LCV produces material vertically, as they are usually handled, and it is this system that, besides avoided possible breaks of the material, reduces machine cluttering in your warehouse and also the area necessary for the operation. Moreover the LCV does not require either foundations or treated for water discharge. In fact, it can be simply placed on the ground and as it is completely streamlined, the discharged water can be easily directed to a point at some distance, by means of a hose connected to a special drain.

Fully automatic straight edge polishing
Production speeds of 80 to 150 l/f per hour
No height restrictions for material being processed
7 polishing heads enables processing in one pass
Requires small foot print for set up and operation. (Dimensions are 14x4)
The LCV 711 requires no human intervention to over see the operation and allows the operator to do other jobs
Cost of lineal feet of finished edge amortized over 5 years is under .30 per foot
Over 3,000 LCV 711 machines in operation throughout the world
Machine has been in operation since 1982

Number of Polishing Motors: 7
Number of Beveling Motors: 2
Total Water Consumption: 12 to 15 gallons/minute
Total Power Requirement: 230v/3phase/60amps
Total Dimension of Machine: 10ft x 4ft x 4ft
Total Weight of Machine: 3,000lbs
Extension Tables: Standard 3ft in length
Working Speed: 150 Lineal feet per Hour
Maximum Abrasive Size: 6" or 150mm
Minimum material size: 3 inches x 16 inches (shorter pieces possible like 12" x 12" tile, contact us for details)
Maximum material size: NO MAXIMUM

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