LTV 621

The LTV 621 is a continuous processing, polishing machine for rounded and flat edges up to 6 cm thickness. Much like the LCT its main features, there are: the compactness, the round shaping facility operated by means of just one cup-shaped diamond wheel for all radius, and the micro-oscillating facility of the polishing mandrels usable either for the flat edges, or for flat parts of edges (ex. between two rounded corners). The LTV is reliable because its most important mechanisms, such as the oscillating system are operated by means of levers and connecting rods and are basically derived from the thousands machines before like the LCT (vertical, extremely compact “bullnosing” machine) Marmo Meccanica has already produced. The compactness (only 14ft in length and 4ft in depth) in combination with its affordable price and its quality of performances make this machine ideal for those users looking for typical shop production.

• Fully automatic straight line polisher
• Production speeds of 23 to 214 l/f per hour
• Will process 1 to 6 cm material
• The LTT will gauge, bevel, profile and polish material in one pass
• User friendly computer programmer
• No limitations to size of pieces processed
• Low water consumption
• Cost of lineal feet of finished edge amortized over 5 years is less then $2.00 per lineal foot
• Compact design. Dimensions of machine are 14 ft. x 4 ft.
• Water discharge via one point. No water falling to floor
• Requires no tooling change from one profile to the next
• Backed by one year warranty
• Number of Polishing Motors: 6
• Number of Beveling Motors: 2
• Number of Gauging Motors: 1
• Total Water Consumption: 15 gallons/minute
• Total Power Requirement: 230v/3phase/100amps
• Total Dimension of Machine: 14ft x 4ft x 4ft
• Total Weight of Machine: 6,875lbs
• Extension Tables: Standard 3.6ft in length
• Working Speed: 60-100 Lineal feet per Hour
• Maximum Abrasive Size: 5" or 130mm
• Minimum material size: 8 inches x 10.6 inches
• Maximum material size: NO MAXIMUM

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